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Coincidentally to seeing the call out for About Me stories, I have been reading a book today that has a task for each chapter; today’s chapter ended with writing a short version of my life story, so here goes.

Hello! My name is Emma, and the worst question anyone could innocently ask me is, “where are you from?”. You think it’d be an easy answer, but nope, I do not have a simple response. I’d love to be able to just name a city where my roots are, but I can’t. You see, I’m not from anywhere, I’m one of…

And how I changed

The last decade for me has been one of constant change, massive, often unwelcome, change. At the end of 2009, I was a freshly divorced single mother of two young daughters, not knowing where to go next in my life, trying to find my way through post-divorce fall-out of emotional pain and constantly feeling scared and overwhelmed.

Fast forward to Spring 2021. I am in a place in my life that I couldn’t have imagined back when I was in the midst of a painful divorce, escaping from an emotionally abusive relationship. …

And sent me on a journey into the unknown

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have one? What does it mean to you?

I used to think they were just ink on someone’s body, they didn’t bother me, but I didn’t understand why a person would want to get one.

Two years ago, I changed my mind.

I had recently started a new job and come out of a short relationship. After years of struggling as a single mother, I felt like my life was finally beginning to move forward, but there was still a feeling of constant fear in my gut. I’d spent so many years…

Children, adults or pets — a poem

Inner child everywhere
Pushing people around
It shouts, it screams, it cries
Trying to take control
So often terrified and scared of life
It bounces, it laughs, it is filled with joy
It lets us be free to play
Everyone started as a child
Those memories have not gone
Nurture them, honour them, comfort them
In yourself as well as others
Hear them, love them, care for them
Allow them to remind you
That children are wild, amazing creatures
But we are the grown-ups now


I dreamt about this prompt last night, wondering if animals also have an inner child…

How I discovered writing, lost my confidence and found it again

When I was a child, I was a member of the Puffin Book Club. I loved books, I loved reading, and the excitement of choosing books and receiving them in the post has never left me. I spent hours in these books; they were my escape from the world.

I am not completely sure what age I started writing, but I tried because of the Puffin Book Club. I remember enjoying English at school in my teens and writing a couple of short stories my teacher was particularly impressed with. I had been reading lots of Stephen King and James…

Releasing self-imposed limits

People ask you when you’re little, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I never really had a good answer. At one point, I wanted to be an archaeologist and, at another point, an RAF fighter pilot. But after that, I didn’t have a clue who I was, what I wanted or how I felt and ended up just taking whatever jobs I could find.

I’ve always envied people who knew what they wanted, those people who had a passion in their lives when I didn’t know who I was at all. …

Know where you're going by understanding your past.

I have a confession. I am 49 years old, and I only fully started to become the captain, ship and navigator of my life a year ago. I am like a ship’s apprentice, learning how to become a navigator and captain. I am like a dingy, learning how to become a ship. It still sometimes angers me that I spent so much of my life without my own identity, but self-compassion kicks in and tells me I could not have known what I was not aware of.

Over the years, there were glimpses of my identity, coming up to the…

How to heal whilst not taking life too seriously — a poem

Who are you she said
I am the shadow
Who are you she said
I am the blindspot
Who are you she said
I am the emptiness inside
Who are you she said
I am what you do not see

What do you want she said
To let you see
What do you want she said
To make you notice
What do you want she said
To shine a light
What do you want she said
To let you heal

How do I heal she said
Feel what you fear feeling
How do I heal she said
Know you are not who you…

Self-love in action

Last week, I took a short break, a break from Medium, a break from writing, a break from trying to do it all, a break from life. I hadn’t intended to take a break, I dipped in and out of Medium and writing, kept on top of the absolutes in my life, but ultimately I took a break. My mind somehow knew I needed some time off.

I struggle with self-love even though I understand what it is. I have been working on self-love for a few years and will freely admit it can sometimes be a burden to me…

Emma Willmer

Hope enthusiast. Positive Psychology Practitioner & Coach in training. Writing about positive psychology, life and healing.

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