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The world in the time of COVID 19 is a scary place. The ongoing pandemic has uprooted normal life and changed the daily routines of everyone across the world.

Exactly how people are coping with this changed world of lockdown and stay at home orders which governments dealing with the pandemic have imposed will be something which is looked at by many researchers in the months to come.

In the meantime it is evident that mental health and self-care are huge topics of interest across social media with everyone trying to find their own way of getting through the constant…

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Photo by lee Scott on Unsplash

Two big things recently happened in one week, a 16 year old girl was named as Time’s Person of The Year and a UK General Election took place.

For many people, myself included, these two events were the epitome of hope in action. Hope that the future can be better than now, hope that change can come and hope that the next generation will grow up in a more compassionate world. …

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What is it to truly accept yourself?

To accept your strengths and weaknesses, to accept your past choices and behaviours, the good things that have happened and the bad and to accept you’re not superhuman or perfect?

As many other people can be, I am often hugely self-critical and am rarely satisfied with what I’m doing. My inner critic is usually on overdrive and I always need a challenge to smash, even when it’s something that is not actually very beneficial to my life.

Lately, with my new found self-reflection skill learned on the MAPP course, I am slowly beginning…

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Poldark is back on our screens with a new, and final, season.

Even as a recently new convert to the show I’m finding it is hitting the happiness mark for me yet again. After the latest episode I found myself thinking about the characters and how people lived in those times.

The show is set in the 18th century, this was a time period that was extremely harsh compared to today’s standards of living, and yet life is portrayed as being somewhat more straight forward and simpler back then.

The show is set before the aftermath of WW1 and WW2…

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Recently I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ and went on a solo ‘artist date’, my first one ever, to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford to see a Jeff Koons exhibition.

I was a little apprehensive about going as art exhibitions aren’t usually something that excites or inspires me, and Jeff Koons definitely has a unique style which not everyone enjoys. This was also a brand-new experience for me, a solo trip to an exhibition instead of going with someone else and the potential outcome of the event was an unknown.

Over the past few months as part of…

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I often find myself in a state of what I call ‘forgetting to live’ and wasting my time away thinking about what I want from life, what I need to tackle and other life worries.

I know this is a habit I’ve had since I was a child and every now and then I’ve tried to change it, never breaking free and always falling back into the trap of thinking this way.


It frustrates me every single time I catch myself inside my own head instead of looking up at what’s around me.

Over the past few months I’ve attempted…

How a night owl found the power of early mornings.

This time last year I realised I was ‘stuck’ in my life. Over the previous few years I had taken the plunge into the unknown by leaving a secure job and going to university at the age of 38 as a single mother (living on a student loan looking after two children was a challenge!). I had then gone through a period of uncertainty job hunting after graduating and finally a year later I found a satisfying full-time role, which amazingly was good for my family life as well (everything a parent hopes for). But yet, I was ’ stuck’…

So here I am, my first blog post (please be gentle with me). I am sat here right now wondering why am I doing this. I really am not sure at all I haven’t even chosen a theme for my blog home page nor do I have any clue how to use markdown software. The one thing going round in my mind is I have a story in my life I want to tell and I want to help others going through tough situations. My story, well it's a long one and a little complicated so I'll save parts of…

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Hope enthusiast. MAPP student. Writing about positive psychology, life and the journey of change. Reach me at

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